Instant Home Writing Kit
If you ever find yourself struggling to write day-to-day personal and/or business documents such as letters, resumes, book reports, essays, term papers, business reports, or even e-mails -- this writing Kit was designed to simplify your life.

This truly unique writing resource is a comprehensive practical "hands on" style manual that will help you with your daily writing tasks whether for home, business or school. The more than 80 full-length real-life downloadable templates mean you'll never have to start writing from a blank page or screen again.

Home Writing Kit eBook Cover "Instant Home Writing Kit (Revised Edition) is a complete revision of the original best seller. It's a comprehensive writing style guide for home, business, and school that covers the writing of: letters (personal and business), resumes and c.v.s, essays (APA and MLA), book reports, and e-mails. It includes a Bonus Chapter on how to write Business Reports. This 260+ page ebook is packed with practical tips, tricks, advice and info, and comes with more than 80 fully-formatted real-life sample templates that users can download into their word processors and use. It's a powerful general purpose writing toolkit that covers the entire range of day-to-day practical writing needs for home, business and school."

Here's what you get instantly with Instant Home Writing Kit:

  • One-Stop information-packed "how-to" writing toolkit to help you master and fast-track those day-to-day mundane writing tasks (A 268 page style guide with sample templates that you can download straight into Adobe Reader right now).

  • More than 80 fully-formatted, real-life templates (MS-Word format) which you can download straight into your own word processor and copy, cut, and paste as you like.

  • Hundreds of proven tips, tricks, and pointers for writing most documents commonly written for home, school and business purposes.

  • Bonus Chapter on business report writing, with never before published tips, tricks, advice, and outlines of real business reports.

  • Bonus Chapter on my unique Template Adaptation Method™ that shows you how to write ANY type of document using a real-life sample document.

  • Free Bonus Consultation with this author, by e-mail or telephone, on any writing project that you undertake using the Kit.

  • Special Bonus eBook titled Writing Success Secrets - Tips and Tricks For Everyday Writing. (89 pages of writing tips, tricks and pointers).

  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee should you not at least recover 3 times the cost of the Kit in the first 2 months you use it.

  • Powerful Set of Writing Tools that will improve your writing skills and open up new career and earning opportunities for you.

If you are one of those wise people who would like your day-to-day personal and business writing to go to the "next level", Instant Home Writing Kit is designed to do just that. It truly is a one-of-a-kind, practical, hands-on guide.

Download Now for only $27.97

Simply click on the above link and you will be taken to the Order Page which will then route you to the Secure Payment Page. After you make your online payment in a fully-encrypted high-security environment you will be taken directly to the Download Page where you will be given detailed instructions telling you how to quickly and easily download the ebooks and templates straight onto your computer's hard drive.

So, in a matter of 5 to 7 minutes from now you can be using this Kit to help you draft your own business and personal documents like a professional would. It really is that easy!

Download Now for only $27.97

If you want a more detailed description of what Instant Home Writing Kit is all about, you can click here.

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